Inspired  Action

inspiring communities for sustainable change



True inspiration is authentic.

It has an energy faithful to its source and is a very real expression of one’s connectedness to all of life.

Enlivened with the possibilities of connection and community, hope and courage thrive.


   Drawing inspiration from that which is at our very core, imagination is liberated to action from a different perception of reality, with a renewed sense of urgency and efficiency.

Commitment in Community

It is only a group of committed people who create living value from inspired action.

Hope for a positive future, and the committed planning and implementation needed to sustain it, is possible when people collectively generate from a common understanding of their unique sense of history and purpose.

Co-creation builds, and sustains trust, as the vision is given expression and vitality.

Inspired Action Consulting’s purpose is to enable clients to design and create inspired, adaptive and sustainable communities and organizations.

Focusing on a commitment to sustainable framework and outcomes, Karen McCarthy Casey and Inspired Action Consulting, assist communities by providing processes designed for gathering and discovery, assessing, and then implementing strategic solutions. 

Tapping into each community’s unique cultural process, integrating dialogue in multi-stakeholder conversations, clients develop enriched capacity from the passion and skills already present in the community. Inspiration and innovation find expression in values based community planning. 

Our Services include:

Community and Organizational Change

Leadership Development and Coaching

Issue Resolution

Planning and Implementation

Community-wide Stakeholder Participation

Faith-Based and Spiritual Institution Change

Environmental Sustainability Practices

Contact Information:                           

karen@inspiredaction.mac  206-842.3017                                                                               

The only real path through change

            is in community,

            with other people.