Inspired  Action

inspiring communities for sustainable change



communities discovering a common sense of place

individuals exploring a renewed sense of self

faith communities embracing mission and ministry with Spirit-filled imagination

with innovative processes designed to shape the outcomes

Questions as Portals

Well focused questions open the door to transformation and sustainability. Responding to the invitation found in such questions, people gather together in conversations designed to uncover what matters most to themselves

and  their communities. 

Experiencing common learning and understanding, people begin to imagine, continuing to uncover other questions critical to our lives, work and passions.

Grounded in a spirit particular to your community we open the answers, finding personal and collective opportunities for sustainable renewal and growth.

What are the questions

you bring to your life and work?

CONSULTING ENGAGEMENTS     listening carefully  to your goals for continued change

Inspired Action offers consultation, workshops and retreats as an unbiased support toward your successes in areas of engaging and managing change, community involvement and participation, and staff and leadership accountability. If these areas and strategies offer a portal to your issues and concerns, and you would like to talk further about the culture you want to create in your organization or community,

I work in partnership with you, building your capacities for staff and public accountability with sustainable effectiveness.

CONSULTING with communities:

                                            discovering and implementing a sustainable sense of place

Our cities and neighborhoods are where we come home to, go to work in, and seek play and education. Government and civic agencies are at a crossroads as social and environmental issues require increased care and attention alongside the daily pragmatic needs of infrastructure and governance. Community members want more of a stake in their futures. City leaders who inspire civic engagement toward a common vision and collective goals, connect place with spirit and discover a capacity for participation and partnerships that produces great buildings and neighborhoods, sound businesses, healthy, educated people, who continue to work toward a good and just society. Bridges are made visible between the social capital already at work and sound planning for sustainable futures.

Pondering profound questions is where we begin to thing together

Does the idea of bringing people together to talk cause you to  pause?

And, putting all those people in one room - at the same time seem impossible?

What is the core story of your community or organization?

        What are the stories you tell each other as you work together?

How do you trust the voice(s) of the community?

Who do you turn to solve every day problems?

Where does vision and the future live in your daily work?

Who are the partners you seek to accomplish your goals?

How do you honor the team (community, group) that is your staff?

Is there a generous sense of hospitality in the service you bring to your “customers?”

COACHING     finding your voice

There are times when we each are challenged by a change or circumstance in our personal or professional roles. Having the support and partnership of a coach walking alongside to help you identify your intentions and carry them out purposefully, borrows from the wisdom of the ages. You are invited to call and open the conversation to see if this might be right for you.

Do you feel that there are things you are yet meant to do - at work, in your life?

Are you wanting to make a change and can’t decide how?

Would you like to be more of yourself at work, and at home?

What is it that is missing in your life today?

Do the spaces you live and work in reflect the kind of person you feel you are?

WORKSHOPS AND RETREATS    moving forward together

Workshops and Retreats are individually designed after carefully listening to your issues and needs. Focused areas might include

change, engaging and managing the people and/or the places in our care, allowing for emergence and adaptation

purpose or mission, and visioning, as a common source of empowerment and an invitation into action together

™leadership and team development, advocating the importance of staff and board groups, building adaptive capacities with relationship, partnerships and stewardship as foundation

   story, as a grounding source of inspiration and authority

community relations and involvement, in large scale community change, especially when diversity and multiple stakeholders are a challenge

aging in place, planning specifically for the elders in our communities to access their wisdom capital with inclusion, safety and delight

action planning and implementation, done intentionally to increase greater participation and insure effective results  


Designing a sense of space, time and content as a service to those who convene, and a source of hospitality for the people gathering, creates a container to accomplish intention and meaningful purpose. Culturally we are often unaware of the power of a physical place and the importance of design and implementation of the whole event – before, during and after. As we become conscious of the impact of communal spaces, and the design of how we bring people together,our courage to engage in new ways gives rise to unimagined participation and greater outcomes.

In sensing and shaping for the future, we embrace emergent technologies such as

                Open Space Technology

                World Cafe

                Appreciative Inquiry

                Dialogue and active listening


Contact Information:                       206-842.3017