Inspired  Action

inspiring communities for sustainable change


Karen McCarthy Casey, M.A., Whole Systems Design

Karen founded Inspired Action in 1998 on the belief that the strength and viability of any community or organization lies is in its ability to create and sustain relationships. She is inspired by the awakening of human potential that thrives where meaning and purpose are expressed in trusting conversations, continuous learning and community celebration. She is an observer, searching with an open mind, empathizing with what she senses and sees. A collaborator, she brings eclectic groups together to discover themselves. And, Karen is a storyteller, drawing out the compelling narratives that give community life.

During her professional and volunteer life Karen has most always  been involved with the bridges between the human heart and the processes of community change. For over 20 years she has served as a consultant and coach to numerous public, non profit and private organizations in their times of renewal and profound transitions. Through her generous capacities for facilitation she brings groups with divergent views together, where, through generative storytelling and listening they can ignite their capacities to imagine new possibilities and  collaborate in adaptive planning for their future.

A unique arm of her consulting is faith based communities - churches, synagogues, not-for-profit organizations. To assist whole congregation participation in renewal and change she authored Roots and Visions, a powerful methodology of prayer, team work and practical techniques designed to stimulate vital and relevant ministry in all areas of church life through enthusiastic and sustainable lay participation.

Karen’s diverse private, institutional and civic client base includes

HopeLink, Bellevue WA

The County of Orange, CA

The Irvine Company, CA

City of Dana Point, CA

South East Los Angeles Air Quality Management District

South Orange County Community Services Council

             (serving as Executive Director, 1992 and 1993)

Orange County School District

Kennedy Commission for Affordable Housing

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, School District

The California Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church

The General Board of Discipleship, Communications, United Methodist Church

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, CA,, Peoria, Ill., & Madison, WI.

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, CA., & Olympia, WA

The Alliance for Spiritual Community

League of Women Voters

Girl Scouts of America

The Center for Progressive Christianity

Contact Information:                            

karen@inspiredaction.mac 206-842.3017              

“Karen Casey is a master weaver. She combines insight from a variety of denominational experiences along with management and organizational techniques, literature and spiritual wisdom to provide teams with the tools they need to develop their vision and goals.  Working with the individual strands of personal story and the communal dimension of our life as a leadership team, she helped us to weave together a larger sense of spiritual vision and development for our parish.  Together we discovered a “different kind of spirit" under her facilitation.”

The Rev. Britt Olson, Rector,

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Sparks, Nevada

“Karen so impressed me while working with vision teams from a cluster of churches, that I invited her to lead our vestry on a three day leadership retreat. She took a disjointed group of people without a vision and guided them to a place of joint purpose. She helped us to become visionary. ...Her passion is contagious and infectious.”

The Rev. Alan Richardson, 

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, San Pedro, Calif

“Karen shared her wisdom, insight and self with us and was so well received that days later the comments were still flowing at our Superintendents’ Council Meeting. Her approach was extremely refreshing and thought provoking...she definitely makes a positive impact on people.”

Sally Todd, Assoc. Superintendent, Dept. of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Orange, Calif.