Inspired  Action

inspiring communities of faith for sustainable change


IN MATTERS OF FAITH:   boldly engaging Spirit in mission and ministry

Churches, synagogues, faith-based and spiritual non-profit organizations, all recognize the continued need for congregational and community renewal and reorganization. Today’s world requires applying your faith individually, and then outside your doors in your community,to matters of social and environmental justice. 

        How do you define the container that holds your congregation’s theology?

Does it inspire imagination and action throughout your ministries?

Is there room in your days for reflection and listening to the Spirit?

Has church language lost its power to inspire?

Are organization and participation missing?

“The central task of ministry

is the formation of a community

with a liberated, alternative imagination

that has the courage

  and the freedom

to act in a different vision

and a different perception

of reality.” 

                Walter Brueggemann

We may try to ignore disturbing questions but they don’t go away.

We may try to suppress them, but they cannot be forgotten.

And it is a delusion to suppose that we shall get comforting answers.

To live with our uncertainties....

is the very truth of faith.

To endure the shifting process of interrogation is the hallmark of discipleship.

                   Alan Ecclestone

The prophetic voice of the church is not always visible today as it is often buried beneath headlines.  What if the power of faith communities lies prophetically in your ability to create relationships

                with God,

                    with each other,

                        with your community

how could the life of your church be different if ...

there was honest clarity to your called purpose as source for mission and ministry in today’s changing culture

your leadership had the skills to create and design spirit-fed community, practicing from a new culture of heart-centered listening and storytelling

you discovered new ways to define and distinguish stewardship within the changing faces of giving self, time and talents, as well as treasures

there were simple systems to ignite ministry inspired by gifts and passions lifted from the interplay of personal and church stories

However you are able, one step at a time, or all at once, there are ways to begin, with the Spirit as your guide.

    Congregation or leadership retreats

    All congregation - or all community - conversations about the things that really matter, in your church or in your neighborhood

    A longer term commitment to change and renewal, alone or as a cluster of faith communities, such as Roots and Visions below.

Roots and Visions

An invitation to all faith communities

     Exciting, thriving congregations have one certain commonality. They are enthusiastically engaging in the discovery and ministries of their called purpose as a community of faith. Such congregational life requires careful discernment and planning for yearly renewal and sustained growth.

Roots and Visions is a process of prayer, teamwork and practical applications uniting to bring spiritual growth and vitality into all areas of church life. Your congregation will give thoughtful assessment to the purpose which is core to its life together as a community of faith. Calling upon the entire church community, you will create your own action planning tool with systems and programs designed to bring renewed vitality to your newly envisioned future. Ongoing coaching assists congregational involvement and review, insuring sustainability and blessings.

How does this happen?

Past:   Renewal begins with reflection on your roots. This is a time of

re-membering, of gathering insights from careful inquiries into the traditions and stories of your past.

Present:   With a purpose clarified, your team will learn and begin to practice, practical steps, paying attention to nurturing each congregant and assimilating new arrivals. Leadership will be embraced as shared ministry. Ministry will find new meanings in your broadened imagination.

Future:   Integrating your work together you find strength and commitment in new relationships as you continue on your journey in gratitude and faith. With appropriate action planning, you are prepared to sense what is emerging along the way.

Ready to begin?

Roots and Visions is a process designed to accommodate a single congregation, or a cluster (4 to 8) of churches participating together. A series of six all-day workshops, on site visits and assessments with your staff and team, allow for maximum participation. Practical processes involving the entire congregation are an important component throughout this time. Included are ongoing coaching with the visioning team, and a review check-in visit six months after your completion and celebration.

Contact Information:                        206-842.3017